Anti-skid Pebblecrete Flooring

What is Pebble Stone Flooring?

A unique floor covering that is natural, durable, beautiful, long lasting.

Pebble Stone is composed of the most beautiful natural stones.

Pebble Stone Flooring is 100% natural pebbles that are tumbled smooth and then mixed with a Grey Cement OR White Cement. It is designed to be poured seamlessly over concrete inside and out.

Pebble stone is perfect as a refinishing product for damaged or unsightly concrete. It can be floated straight over cracks and imperfections;
we can even go straight over tile.

Feel of acupressure when walking on the pebble stone flooring.


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Prevents Skids & Slips:


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Pebble Stone Flooring for Pedestrian Bridge Walkway.


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Pebble Stone Plaster (7)Pebble Stone Plaster (10)Pebble Stone Plaster (9)Pebble Stone Plaster (3)

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