Decorative Architectural Elements

Largest Selection of Architectural Texture Coatings, Finishes & Plasters.

Perhaps no other surface finishing material is as versatile. Wall Texture Coatings, Finishes & Plasters can be applied on a variety of surfaces like cement, mortar, marine plywood, plasterboard. AC sheet and gypsum plaster. In fact, it can be applied on any absorbent surface. It can take on any shape – curves, contours and can be applied in nooks and corners. It requires little preparation and saves valuable labor costs and time. A single coat application is specified on most surfaces. The Wall Texture range is available in a convenient two-pack form in the following product group. No other surface finishing material offers as much depth and texture as Wall Texture. While Wall Texture is Permanent finish, it can be easily removed, if required, with Removing Agent (WTRA) available.

Concrete Design Texture – Exposed Concrete Walls Give The Exterior An Edgy Modern Look.


Pebble Stone Plaster  A great alternative of natural stone for the exterior facade.



Granite Design Texture – This versatile finish offers the ultimate combination of design flexibility.


Brick Design Texture – There are the color, profile, and texture of the brick. Texture material identically colored and handmade but looks machine-made brick impression.


Pebble Stone Flooring for Pedestrian Bridge Walkway.


Aggregate Concrete Flooring for Pedestrian


8. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Flooring

Stone Crete Plaster / Grit Wash Plaster

A great alternative of natural stone for the exterior facade.



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