Brick Design Texture

Brick finish texture provides so many possibilities, when it comes to great looking home.

We can customize Size, Design, Texture, Finish, Colour as per requirements.

Brick Finish Samples (9)Brick Finish Samples (11)Brick Finish Samples (6)Brick Finish Samples (12)

Brick Finish Samples (1)Brick Finish Samples (3)Brick Finish Samples (7)

It is important to consider the finish you want for your home. There’s the colour, profile and texture of brick. Texture can also be created by applying acrylic material, acrylic material identically coloured and handmade but looks machine made brick impression.

Attention to detail focused on doing little things to perfection. Look close & you will see Clay brick texture offers you the kind of craftsmanship, beauty and reliability that bring big ideas to breathtaking reality.

Brick Finish Texture Exterior & Interior

Product Specification:

(1) Description:  ” Brick Finish” material is a dispersion of Inorganic Mineral Fillers, Pure Quartz and Board Spectrum Fungicide, Stabilized by an Acrylic co-polymer.

(2) Size of Brick : 9″ x 3″  is a standard size, 8″ x 4″ & 12″ x 4″  ( We can modify as per requirements)

(3) Thickness : 2 mm to 3 mm (It may vary as per design)

(4) Coats : 3 coats system

(5) Features :

  •   Easy to apply and can be applied on all absorbent surfaces.
  •   Creates a rustic, Clay Brick like finish.
  •   Forms a hard texture body that is excellent against abrasion and scratch
  •   Versatile in design
  •   Water and alkali resistance

 (6) Colours : Wide range of colour possibilities

(7) Surface Preparation :  Above application to be carried out on the base of double coat smooth levelled mala plaster.

Brick Finish Texture (4)Brick Finish Texture (3)Brick Finish Texture (2)

Brick Finish Application (2)Brick Finish Texture (5)Brick Finish Texture (2)Brick Finish Texture (3)

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