What Is Exposed Concrete Finish Texture? 

Expose Concrete Finish is composed of a mix of elements: Portland Cement, hardest earthen material, Special additives, Natural grains and special polymers to create eternal beauty, aesthetic value and heritage effects.Concrete Finish is a self-drying, trowel applied finish for walls, floor and ceilings.
It requires 2 to 3 coats for better result depending on actual base of surface. The ultimate – reliable and 100% natural look always insist on Expose Concrete Finish. Expose Concrete is a 2 to 3 mm thick.
It has excellent adhesion over a wide variety of porous surfaces, including concrete, and all types of masonry surfaces. It can be used to produce a high-end and contemporary creative cement wall surface in areas such as commercial businesses, public spaces, retail stores, shops, hotels, cafés, vestibules, and residential applications.
The concrete finish look is very versatile, it is natural, industrial, sleek and modern. The Concrete is a feature in itself which creates that very multi-dimensional look.