This versatile finish offers the ultimate combination of design flexibility.

Balaji Granite Design Texture

Granite Finish Flakes is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It offers easy pliability, unlike real Granite and can be used in nooks, corners and contours. Duplicating the dramatic look and feel of natural granite and textured wall coating with unlimited possibilities for custom applications.

We can customize as per requirements. We can match any kind of Natural Granite & offer you replica of that Granite.

Balaji surface textures are offered in wide range of textures, in myriad colours. Not simply decorative, Balaji Texture is also durable, economical and adaptable to diverse climatic and varied surface conditions.

Rigid quality control ensures premium quality. An ongoing research and development ensures newer and more cost effective varieties to suit your needs and style.


  • Easy to apply and can be applied on all absorbent surfaces.
  • Aesthetic and durable, long life protection.
  • Needs only a single coat for even multi-colour combinations.
  • Hides and withstands hairline cracks.
  • Water resistant (washable)
  • Adhesion strength
  • Alkali, Acid & Abrasion Resistant
  • Flame Retardant.
  • Salt Spray Resistance, suitable for coastal areas.
  • Fungal, Algal Resistance & lead free.
  • Made from natural minerals and special polymers.
  • Eco friendly and non toxic.
  • Low maintenance, economical and value for money.
  • Fade Resistant


Looking for the grandeur of granite without the trouble? Find it in Heritage Granite Finish. Another unique surface finishing system from the alluring Balaji Family. Balaji Granite Finish is the more elegant and versatile alternative to natural granite. Unlike real granite, it can take on any shape and can be applied on any surface. So be it on curves or contours, in nooks or corners, see Balaji Granite Finish do the grand makeover. Also, the weight on the building is effectively nil unlike real granite stone which adds on to the weight of the building.

And more! Balaji Granite Finish enjoys long life and is a low maintenance and low installation surface finishing system. Add to these its qualities like water and weather resistance, together with its colour-fast and washable properties and you’ve got the most perfect and elegant alternative to natural granite.

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