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Limitless Designs

Create your own masterpiece through our choices of colours, design your own patterns or add inserts of wood, metal or stone to create a unique finish.

The Visual Concrete: “Concrete facades” is a revolutionary new building material which is applied with a thickness of 2mm to 4​mm and this can be applied to any kind of surface like plastered walls, wood boards, gypsum boards, concrete floors etc. C​concrete facades replicates like original concrete which can take on any shape and size. ​Concrete Facades​is an effort to put into frame, the ideas of architects and designers to allow the concrete look fascinating and dramatic on walls, ceilings and floors without compromising the rigidity and strength inherent in it.​ ​

Concrete Facades is a modern concert system comprising cement, hardest earthen material, polymers and special additives, modern technology and special tools and workmanship. All this together makes our system a unique methodology to present concrete which is beautiful and with stands against the external weather calamities.

Concrete Finish Texture Interior Application (3)Concrete Finish Texture Interior Application (7)Interior Application