More than 40 shades available with different combinations that can be tailor made as per customer preferences, with mix and match facility available to meet architects and interior designer’s creativity and aesthetic

Suitable for Exterior Applications only. It comes in a four pack system comprising of Primer, Dry Material,  Bonding Agent and  Top Coat. The mixed material is to be sprayed to the surface by means of a customized spray gun.

Smooth Stone Finish Texture is a acrylic / synthetic, semi viscous paste containing quartz, aggregates acrylic polymers, minerals, specially formulated to withstand varying climate conditions & provide a long lasting elegant look to the surface.

Smooth Stone Finish Texture can be easily applied on surfaces like plaster, concrete, gypsum, wood or any other kind of surfaces, adhering to the suggested application procedures.

Key Features

  • Stone Finish Texture gives a very high aesthetic as well as protection value.
  •  Extra thickness imparts toughness to the surface thus making it water resistance.
  •   Hides surface undulations & existing cracks.
  •   It also gives an opportunity to create different designs.
  •   Being Polymer based the strength is good thus making it highly durable &     maintenance free.
  •   Non Toxic & Non Flammable.
  • Substrate Suitability

Ideal For

  • Residential & Commercial Buildings,
  • Institutions,
  • Facades,
  • Compound Walls,
  • Interior walls,
  • Lobby Area,
  • Staircase walls,