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Brick Finish Texture Exterior & Interior

Product Specification:

(1) Description:  ” Brick Finish” material is a dispersion of Inorganic Mineral Fillers, Pure Quartz, and Board Spectrum Fungicide, Stabilized by an Acrylic co-polymer.

(2) Size of Brick : 9″ x 3″  is a standard size, 8″ x 4″ & 12″ x 4″  ( We can modify as per requirements)

(3) Thickness: 2 mm to 3 mm (It may vary as per design)

(4) Coats : 3 coats system

(5) Features:    Easy to apply and can be applied on all absorbent surfaces.

  Creates a rustic, Clay Brick like finish.

  Forms a hard texture body that is excellent against abrasion and scratch

  Versatile in design

  Water and alkali resistance

 (6) Colors: Wide range of color possibilities

(7) Surface Preparation: The above application to be carried out on the base of double coat smooth leveled mala plaster.