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GENERIC DESCRIPTION: “Granite Finish Flakes” is a textured surface coating material. It comes in three packs, comprising Dry Granite Flakes, Bonding Agent, and Top Coat.

  1. Dry Granite Flakes are made from China Clay, Pigments (chiefly inorganic), homopolymer emulsion, mica, etc.
  2. Bonding Agent is made from the pure acrylic emulsion, broad-spectrum fungicide, etc.,
  3. Top Coat is based on pure acrylic polymer, which is dissolved in a solvent medium.

USES & APPLICATION: Granite Finish is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It offers easy pliability, unlike real Granite, and can be used in nooks, corners, and contours. Also, the weight on the building is effectively nil in the case of “Granite Finish Flakes”, whereas the actual Granite Stones add on a heavyweight to the building.


  1. Easy to apply and can be applied on all absorbent surfaces..
  2. Forms a smooth and even surface.
  3. Aesthetic and durable.
  4. It needs only a single coat for even multi-color combinations.
  5. Acid & Alkali Resistance

Color AVAILABILITY: Wide range of colors


  • Three Coat systems
  • First Coat: Base Coat (Primer) by brush
  • Second Coat: Material application by trowel.
  • Third Coat: Glossy/matt topcoat by trowel.