Pebble Stone Flooring

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What is Pebble Stone?

Pebble Stone is composed of the most beautiful natural stones. A unique floor covering that is durable, beautiful, long-lasting.

Pebble Stone Flooring is 100% natural pebbles that are tumbled smooth and then mixed with a Grey Cement OR White Cement. It is designed to be poured seamlessly over concrete inside and out.

Pebblestone is perfect as a refinishing product for damaged or unsightly concrete. It can be floated straight over cracks and imperfections, we can even go straight over tile


Application Areas:

  • Pavements, Cycle, and pedestrian pathways
  • Commercial and Residential Parking lots
  • Patios
  • Garden Walkways
  • Swimming Pool Decks
  • Terrace Garden
  • Drive Ways
  • Large Public Area like Parks & Visitors attraction

Key Features:

  • The Exposed Aggregate Flooring, the specification provides a smooth and seamless finish.
  • We can install at a range of depths varying from 12mm-20mm.
  • It comes in a variety of natural and decorative color choices with unique color blends.
  • It leaves an attractive appearance that requires little maintenance and upkeep.
  • Hand-applied by specialist installers using a trowel to ensure a good quality end result.
  • This provides a smooth textured, aesthetically pleasing, and hard-wearing surface that is resistant to cracking.
  • Because this specification requires relatively low maintenance, simply brushing and occasionally jet washing the flooring will be enough

If you have a pool, exposed aggregate helps to prevent slips and falls – that’s especially important if you have children. Patios look great with exposed aggregate and set the stage for grilling, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Any type of walkway is perfect for exposed aggregate.

Prevents Skids & Slips

There’s nothing worse than slipping and falling when it’s rainy outside. Not only is slipping slightly embarrassing, but it can also be dangerous. If you’re prone to falls, you can either be extra careful all the time, or you can get exposed aggregate. A coarse surface is just what you need to stay safe. While a fall leaves a bruise, your tires can leave skids on uncoated concrete over time. Exposed aggregate accounts for the problem, as it is skid resistant.